Lumia 1020 is by far the best camera phone currently on the market. Not only is it a device touting unmatched hardware(with its 41 megapixel sensor, 6 lens system, optical image stabilization, and the praised Nokia build quality) but the integrated and provided software takes advantage of this groundbreaking device and provides consumers with a wide range of mobile photography tools.

With the Nokia Lumia 1020 Nokia and Microsoft have provided the user with a wide range of mobile photography options via provided software on a device with superb and groundbreaking hardware.

The three primary apps are the Nokia Pro Cam app(default), Nokia Smart Cam and Nokia Cinemagraph. Not to be overlooked, the device also includes the built in Windows Phone camera app which allows the user to adjust such things as ISO, Exposure Value, Aspect Ratio, White Balance and Focus Assist Light albeit via a menu option that is not as efficient as the interface used for the Pro Cam app and minus the access to the 41 megapixel power. This limitation is also true if Nokia Smart Cam and Nokia Cinemagraph.

The Default Pro Cam app is the star of the show and takes full advantage of the touted hardware, the 41 megapixel sensor, the six lens system, the Optical image stabilization, ect. Via the Pro Cam app users have the power to adjust Focus Light, White Balance, Manual Focus, ISO, Shutter Speed and Exposure Value. The Pro Cam app via a series of transparent concentric circles allows the user to adjust camera values in real time and to view how those changes affects the image. Though auto mode often works extremely well in taking great shots, even the least skilled of us can feel like a real photographer with the power of manual controls literally at our fingertips. Nokia further helps to build our novice photographer confidence by including an interactive tutorial that explains and shows how changing each value affects an image. It really is a great addition. But if auto mode is more your speed Nokia’s/Microsoft’s software works well with adjusting to various conditions for great shots. The options for in-depth manual control or trusting the more than capable “auto pilot” is great have.

One of the observations when using the Pro Cam app while taking pictures is the start time of a few seconds and its shot to shot time also of a few seconds. Note the app is saving 2 files with each shot, one 38 megapixels and another 5 megapixels. That’s saving a lot of data, thus the several second shot to shot time. This app takes advantage of the hardware to the fullest and will likely be the goto app in most situations.

However depending on the users goal, he/she can select ANY “lens”(i.e. Nokia Smart Cam, Nokia Cinamagraph,6 Sec, 6 Tag, Blink, Twitter, Bing Vision, CNN Report, etc. The list goes on.)from the camera app, to take advantage of the particular attributes of their app of choice. Notice this list includes some third party apps. Nokia had the foresight and insight, with its leadership role in mobile photography,to provide the cameras software SDK to developers so that developers could creatively take advantage of Nokia Lumia’s photography prowess. Thus helping to propel its leadership and innovation in the area of mobile photography even further.

Again NOKIA included 3 primary apps that work in line with the mobile photography focus of the Lumia 1020. Nokia Pro Cam (which we’ve looked at and gets most of the focus by many reviewers/journalists who also often stop there) Nokia Smart Cam and Nokia Cinemagraph.

Nokia SmartCam takes 10 Burst Shots (yes the 1020 has a Burst Shot option) which saves the multiple shots to the device which you can go back to at any time(the user is not required to choose immediately what to do with the images) and choose from the following options : BEST SHOT, ACTION SHOT, MOTION FOCUS, CHANGE FACES, and REMOVE MOVING OBJECTS. The user can choose to use all of the options if he/she likes or even after choosing and saving an option, going back at any time and modifying the image in another way using one or more of those options.

Nokia Cinemagraph takes a picture of an image and allows you to animate moving portions of the image. Creating a gif. This image can then also be shared. This is a cool and fun option which can be used at family events, capturing images if the little ones ir maybe a sporting event. The list goes on.

Finally if you don’t want to use any of the fancy tricks Nokia and Microsoft included in the 1020, and you are willing to forego the 41megapixel shots for any reason the user can ALWAYS choose to use the basic Windows Phone Camera app. The basic camera app launches quicker than the Pro Cam app, and has faster shot to shot times due to being a less intensive app and not saving as much data. Pictures taken with the basic camera app are good and still take advantage of the built in hardware such as the xenon flash, the six lens system etc. So if you don’t foresee the need for the zooming capabilities that the Pro Camera app provides by optimizing the use of the hardware in a particular situation, and a quicker launch time and swifter shot to shot time are more important for a particular scenario, the 1020 still has you covered. You can opt to use the Basic Camera app in such a case and utilize the full power of the 1020 via the Pro Cam app when desired. Or get Creative with Smart Cams burst shots, and remove moving objects, change faces, do action shots select best shots, or do motion focus. Or finally use cinemagraph to effectively create gifs. There are a bevy of photographic choices to make on the best camera phone on the market.

Though Nokia Pro Cam is the default Camera app out of the box, the user does have the option of, via camera settings, to set Nokia Smart Cam or the built-in Windows Phone Camera as the default to launch via the camera button if they so desire.

Most articles limit their reporting on the 1020 to what the included Nokia Pro Cam app provides the user with, and neglect to include what the provided Nokia Smart Cam, and Nokia Cinemagraph apps that Nokia/Microsoft supply the user with to give a broad breadth of photographic options. That leaves the reader with an incomplete view of the breadth of tools Nokia and Microsoft provided in this device ground breaking device.

Hopefully this particular article provides a fuller view to those seeking to know a little more about the Nokia Lumia 1020.

Finally as an aside the deal with Hipstamatic Oggl Pro also provides an approved method to upload to Instagram in the absence of an official app. Though apps like 6tag, Instance and Inpic are SUPERB third party Instagram apps. 6tag which, as others allows video uploads, comments etc, also provides users with the ability to use multiple usernames something the official apps on iPhone and Android don’t even provide.

Also Windows Phones by default are integrated on the OS level with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. As a basic function of the OS, in addition to the use of the available official apps, Windows Phone users can share photos directly to these


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