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The Android Operating System is a fragmented mess.
According to this latest chart from Google showing what Operating System is on devices visiting the Google Play store(ie. Android Smartphones) only 1.1% have the latest OS update Kit Kat. Over 44.4% of Android smartphones in use are using an OS 4-7 versions old(Ice Cream Sandwich, Honeycomb, Gingerbread and Froyo,!!! Finally 54.6% of devices in use are using the second to last OS Jelly Bean, and sadly not all of those devices, due to carrier restrictions and device type, will be able updated to Kitkat!!! As a final nail in Androids coffin many BRAND NEW DEVICES are shipping with the second to newest OS update Jelly Bean rather than the latest and greatest version Kit Kat. So what does this mean to Android Phone users? Well it means over 98% of Android phone users are not using the latest OS, don’t have access to the latest features and the device you use likely cannot and will not receive the latest update. That’s the way Android works. Google owns the OS(Android). Phone Makers put whatever version they want on the phones they make. A lot of the budget Android phones got older versions of the OS. New cheaper phones couldn’t run some newer OS’s. Think system requirements for a program for a computer. Notice how some apps wont work on your phone, or it hangs and lags. FRAGMENTATION .Any new Windows Phone you buy, from the low end to high end runs, smoothly, and fast, the latest version of Windows Phone OS.